Hole In One Claim Form

The Hole in One award from the H1Club, Boss Watches and HowDidiDo is only currently available to members of clubs in Great Britain and Ireland, The Channel Islands, and The Isle of Man.  For awards for GB and the Isle of Man, please go back to your email and click on the GB link.  This form is for claims for a Boss Watch Hole in One award, scored at clubs in Northern Ireland, The Republic of Ireland, or the Channel Islands.

All claims must be accompanied by a valid HowDidiDo Claim Code, which will be verified before dispatch.  All awards will be sent to your club for collection/presentation.  We will contact your club first to confirm that your claim was successful and explain the delivery process.

Claims are handled by Club Systems International Limited (owners and operators of HowDidiDo.com).  Please contact us at accounts@Clubsystems.com if you have difficulty with this form, or have not received your award with 28 days.

By completing this form, you are agreeing that we can pass details of your experience on to the H1 Club for possible inclusion on their website www.h1club.co.uk No email address or phone number will be made public, however, that data will be passed to H1Club for their own processing.  All GDPR and other data protection laws are strictly complied with.  HowDidiDo may use your Name, Club name, and Hole in One story on social media or in other publicity, please contact us at accounts@clubsystems.com if you would like to withhold this information.

Please do not complete this form if you are outside of the above areas or do not have a claim code.

Tell us where you are
The date on which you scored your hole in one. This date will be verified against the date submitted by your club on the HowDidiDo Website & App.
If different from the club where your score was recorded
At what hole did you score it, what was the yardage, the par (they're not always par 3s), did anyone see it drop in the hole?

Is this your first, did you thin it, cream it or bounce off a tree?
This code will have been emailed to you from HowDidiDo. Without this code, claims cannot be processed. If you have not received a code, you may be not be eligible for the Boss Watch award. In the first instance, check with your club manager to see if the score was publshed and was scored in a handicap qualifying competition.